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Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Colors from Rome

Well, we had a lovely Easter & the weather here just keeps getting better & better - a sure sign of hot times this summer.  And although I'd like to be out tanning on the beach with the best of them (the crowds are growing friends), I've been working on a few projects & looking forward to things to come.

And while we're certainly no William & Kate (I have been glued to the TV coverage though, tres romantique), our wedding plans are taking shape.  If you can call "taking shape" having the invitations sent; the English ones that is.  The French ones are still in the works, & all I can say is thank goodness for Brides magazine & a little thing called DIY.

But what the heck does this all have to do with these pretty photos from Rome? Well, these are from our last "planning trip" a few short weeks ago, and I go over them every so often and marvel at just how beautiful this city is.

Rome is obviously still a stunning city in the wintertime, but the spring colors that came alive earlier this month are truly exciting. 

We spent most of our time in the Monti neighborhood, one of our favorite spots in Rome, and also had a chance to cruise by the Campo di Fiori market.

There was a a lot of time for pizza indulgence, and you can definitely see these Roman "colors" outside of springtime, but I find them irresistible nonetheless.  Might have something to do with the taste as well - after about five slices, I'm usually convinced.

Hope you enjoyed this little window into our latest trip to Rome & bon weekend a tous! xx


  1. We were in Rome just this past week! We had an apartment for a week near Re di Roma metro station. Our local friend told us that Rome is the most beautifuln in the spring -- although I don't know what the city looks like at other times of the year, I'd agree with him that it really was beautiful.

    Good luck with planning your wedding. I'd say, don't sweat the small stuff. No need to "plan it so it'll be perfect," as it will be perfect no matter what. Don't forget to have fun in the process!

  2. Thanks Coco :) It is hard sometimes to keep it all in perspective, but thankfully we've got supportive friends & family members who are making the experience a whole lot easier, phew!

    Really happy that you got a chance to visit Rome in the Spring - it's a lovely time of year, and I think your friend is quite right, at it's most beautiful!

    Thanks for your kind comment :)

  3. You've so captured what Rome in the Spring means to me....artichokes and pizza al talgio (ok, well pizza al taglio in Rome anytime, but LOVE the artichokes. Also love the photo of the church with the blossoming trees, is that Santa Maria Maggiore?

    You're Roman wedding build up is starting to equal that of the royal couple's! I'm so wanting to hear more. Can you dish about the church where it will be held? For me, getting married in Rome would be more romantic and exciting than being at Westminister Abbey. Enjoy all of it!

  4. I LOVE these pictures, Tuula! Sigh, isn't spring such a wonderful time of rejuvenation and fresh starts and all those good things. :-) Hope you have a wonderful time planning and being creative with your wedding. :-)

  5. Oh my goodness! Take me there! i was in Holland for easter - but the food in Italy looks much better :) bon weekend tuula!

  6. GREAT PICTURES, BELLA!!! (This is my first ever blob comment of any kind :) ) I wish I was there with you to buy and cook some of those carciofi!! See you soon!


  7. Tuula - Thanks for sharing the pictures of your spring trip to Rome. The artichokes look wonderful and I wish I could grill them up with a nice aioli. Yum.

  8. Glad everyone liked the photos :)

    Kathy, we're getting married at Santa Susanna Church in Rome - it's an American church & also where I did my confirmation a few years ago, can't wait (ps. thanks for asking & your comment is very kind, I'm blushing!). The church in the photo is Santa Maria Maggiore (brava) & I took that shot from right in front of the pizza al taglio place - I don't think it's super well-known, but it is delicious nonetheless :)

    Michele, very happy to be your first blog comment :) Very soon we will eat in Rome together (yay)!

    Thanks Michel, those artichokes would go very nicely with a bit of aioli. Hope your weekend is grand!

  9. Gorgeous spring scenes! You make me wanna buy a ticket to Rome NOW!

  10. Lovely photos of spring colours! Makes me pine for warmer weather!

  11. That trailer full of flowers is the perfect Spring photo! I wouldn't have been able to resist buying some artichokes & the romanesco!

  12. I've just found your blog and I'm loving it! I'm hoping to one day move to Provence (I studied abroad in Aix in college), and your blog makes me dream big :) I love your photos as well--such beautiful colors!!

  13. Lovely photos. Not been to Rome myself but it looks incredible! Thanks for sharing these snaps.

  14. Planning a wedding especially with family and friends across the pond, is no easy task :-) Look forward to following the details via your blog posts.

    Rome looks delightful. The food is divine.

    Happy almost summer to you!