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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shades of Purple

Since spring has officially sprung, it seems everywhere you turn there's another vibrant flower popping up. I've noticed several bloggers sharing snapshots from around Provence this week, and with very good's simply a beautiful time of the year here.

And while I'm a tad regretful of my winter cheese-indulgences (folks are already out in bikinis 'round these parts), it's given me a great excuse to walk along the sea to see what's blooming. 

Without the summer crowds clamoring toward the coast, this might very well be the best time to visit the South of France. Calm, sunny, a tad hazy in the morning, but still perfect for an early stroll.

Of course all the lovely flower-boxes are back on the window sills, and plant & flower "fairs" (showcases) are being advertised left & right.  Even though I've already blown my fleur budget, there's so many beauties I've got my eyes on. Who knew dahlias came in so many colors? Simply gorgeous!

And this spectacular creature lives right outside our guest room window. I've spent some time researching this purple-beauty but have yet to find it's English name. I'm just happy that our "backside" is no longer "bald", and while winter did find us honing our cheese & quiche-making skills, there's nothing like a burst of color & a little sunshine to really put you in touch with nature.

I'm honestly "new to nature", being quite a city girl (read: from CA to Rome & back again), but living in France has certainly brought out that side in me.  Oh, and the Amalfi Coast also made me nature-crazy... & then some.

Do you have a special place that really makes you appreciate nature? 


  1. I hate the first bikini of the season! Once you get a little tan it will be so much easier :) Gorgeous photos! Loving the lilac !

  2. Those hollyhocks are gorgeous; can't believe they're out now!
    That tree looks sort of like our "Redbud": does it have clumps of flowers growing sort of right on the trunk, at the beginning of the season? Otherwise, I am at a loss!

  3. How absolutely STUNNING, Tuula. :-) Eesh, I'm not ready for bikini season yet either! Can't wait to feel better so I can get out and exercise. Right now my favorite place is a park near my work, with a trail that wends along the creek. So gorgeous and peaceful. :-)

  4. I have one of those outside too and don't know it's name either. I call it, 'that purple tree'.
    Bon weekend Tuula! x

  5. I can't believe it's already been a week since I was in the South.... I miss it already! So much color and Summer life already showing its face. Enjoy it!

  6. Beautiful!! I love it! And capturing the wisteria was high on my list as well :)

  7. Bonjour !
    These mysterious trees are called 'arbre de Judée' in french, because they're probably coming from Judea (Palestine) originally, in english they are called Judas trees. Their blossom is always around Easter.

    Thanks for all these colors ! Pictures are great, going out to really see them, even better ;-)

  8. Thanks for the kind comments - this time of year it's easy to capture beautiful photos just walking around town!

    Lindsey, glad you had a great time in the South, hope you can make it back for a visit soon.

    @pro_vence - merci bien! Mystery glad to know the origin of our tree, its blossoms are very beautiful.

  9. The beach makes me appreciate nature in so many ways. Not so much flowers and greenery but the blue and movement of the water makes me one with nature.

    I love the framing of your first photo with the purple above the door!

  10. My back porch brings be back to nature. If nothing else the birds entertain me, and everything comes to life. Here in North Florida, the summer has bullied the Spring. It's already hot (ugh).

    I can't think of anything more romantic than Spring in the South of France. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  11. These pictures are just stunning.

    I'm new to your blog and am enjoying your posts. I try to live a French-inspired life in Austin, TX, and I'm so happy you post about the warm-weather version of French Chic. Not all French things are centered around the temperate climate of Paris!

  12. I agree with Rebekah. I, too, attempt to live a French-inspired life in Ventura County, California. Thanks for your humorous and charming posts. I look forward to them regularly. Excellent photography!

  13. Gorgeous photos, so glad I stumbled upon this blog! Thank you for sharing.