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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gelateria del Teatro, Rome

Behind Piazza Navona, tucked off Via Coronari, exists perhaps the best gelateria in Rome, Gelateria del Teatro. And judging by the crowds braving the elements year-round, I am not their only fan. 

It's a bit off the beaten track, which can make it all the more fun to find, but the real draw has to be the inventive flavor combinations and the fact that the gelato is truly artigianale. Are you interested in Cioccolato all' Arancia (chocolate with orange), Zenzero (ginger), Salvia e Lampone (sage & raspberry), or Riccota, Fico, e Mandorle (ricotta, fig, and almond)? Well, Gelateria del Teatro might just be the place for you...

We just returned from an extended weekend to Rome, where among meeting friends, a trip to this small slice of gelato-heaven is always tops our to-do list.  Thankfully, the weather was nice enough to get our "scoops on" without having to worry about chattering teeth. But, truth be told, I think I'd brave rain, sleet, and snow just to get by triple-cup of tartufo, hazelnut, & pistachio. Oo la lah indeed.

We happily dug into our cups & cones along the steps leading to the Il Teatro del Via Dei Coronari a real, working theater & where our lovely gelateria takes its name. The Via itself is worth a stroll as it has swanky antique shops, chic wine bars, and a direct line to Ponte Sant'Angelo and the Vatican.  Being the first "straight street of the Renaissance", Via dei Coronari served as a route for pilgrims to St. Peters. Coronari means rosary seller in Italian, so named after the shops catering to pilgrims that sprung up along the route.

Well, there's surely more Italy posts coming our way & also many more gelato-filled days in the next months. We're getting married in Rome in June - now that's something that might just top my tartufo-hazelnut-pistachio combo. It's a very close call :)

Gelateria Del Teatro
Via di San Simone, 70 (near Piazza Navona) 
PH: 06/45 47 4880

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  1. How lovely, Tuula. :-) I'm grinning away in my office picturing you with your dear friends chattering away as you dig into your gelato. How marvelous. :-)

  2. Thanks for this! I'm adding this to my Rome 'black book'!

  3. I would like some hazelnut and coconut please. Bon weekend! x

  4. I love gelato and all of the varieties your Gelateria del Teatro has to offer. I'm sure that Rome will be a lovely venue for your special day in June. I will be wishing for a beautiful sunny day for you. Have a great weekend.

  5. Thanks for the nice comments, looks like gelato is always a sure-fire hit :) at least I can never turn down a cone!
    Thanks for the well-wishes Michel, we're really looking forward to our "big day", have a great weekend all!

  6. A June wedding in Rome sounds perfect! I'm so excited for you! And now I'm hungry for gelato! Sage and raspberry sounds like an interesting combo. :)

  7. How can you possibly choose? I'd like a spoon of each!


  9. Great post! Gelateria al Teatro is my all time favorite. I'm including your post in my NileGuide gelato round up-- take a peak

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!