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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fleur Amour

As we find ourselves in the ups and downs of springtime weather (sun, rain, sun, & still more rain) I've started to replant our spring and summer garden, and honestly, it's something I've been looking forward to all year.

I've quite fallen in love with flowers since living in France - all shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. I'd ideally like to have at least two fresh bouquets in the house at all times. And, with many bouquets coming in at 3-4 Euros, (like the one pictured above) it wouldn't be very hard to do.

As it turns out, Provence is very well-known for its flower production, with cities like Antibes having more than 1,000 producers growing different varieties like roses, tulips, carnations, and anemones.  And of course we would be remise not to mention the prize of the region, lavander.  If there's a more whimsical image of this region than those rolling, purple fields with their stonehouse-backdrops, I'd like to know about it!

All this to say that in this region, people take their flowers very seriously. And as I add a few more pots of dahlias to our garden, I think I'm beginning to take this fleur business to heart as well.  Toss a few peonies my way, and I'm all yours...

Any spring flowers you're dying to get your hands on...or have someone hand to you :) ?


  1. I also love the poppies you see in the fields in Provence too. Hard for me to choose between the poppies and lavender. I was surprised to find out they grow tulips near us in Sablet for the bulbs for export to Netherlands. Good luck with your garden.

  2. I was gifted some pink roses upon my arrival in Firenze last Saturday. They are the centerpiece of my apartment and have opened up nicely - now I cannot imagine not having fresh flowers - of any kind - nel mio apartamento as long as I'm here. BTW - the flower market in Nice was pointed out to me several times back in November, but I was only there for the night so I never saw it - it's a place I'm dying to go back and walk around more!

  3. Oh how lovely! :-) I adore flowers too but I live under the trees so they just don't grow well for me. I DO love sweet peas and daisies and all sorts of wildflowers. Queen Anne's Lace makes me smile. :-)

  4. I can't wait to get back to Provence next month and start working on my garden!! Right now I'm in Wisconsin and it's cold and grey. At least it's not snowing today! I was in Provence in January and my bulbs were all starting to come up...

  5. I can't wait to put some flowers on my balcony! I'm hoping I can plant my window boxes this weekend and really embrace Spring! Beautiful pics!

  6. Oh Michel, I forgot all about the poppy fields, of course those are wonderful too!

    Valerie, glad to hear you got some fleur amour yourself, always makes a girl feel grand! The flower market in Nice is absolutely lovely, could spend many euros there, and what a perfect location. Hope you get a chance to go soon cara mia!

    Krista, sending some virtual flowers your way, love all your photos of your hometown wildflowers.

    Julie, aren't the gardens of Provence so fun, think that's one of my standout favorites of living here, happy planting!

    Linds, hope we get to see some photos of your flowers, balcony boxes are always so pretty!

  7. peonies and hydrangea just melt my heart!

  8. Sunflower fields in France and Italy - something I don't see where I live!

  9. Beautiful flowers! What kind of camera are you using for these shots by the way? They've turned out really nicely!

  10. Well, we got a real mix of flower lovers on here!

    Jen, I think peonies are fast becoming my favorite too, just love the yellow ones in the top photo, oh & white & red ones together are a really nice mix!

    Oh yes, sunflowers! Of course, another beautiful symbol of France - thanks Corrine :)

    Villas, I have a really simple camera, but somehow if works wonders (a friend recommended it). It's a Canon PowerShot A1000. Thank you for all of your kind comments & compliments!