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Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Friday: Winter Sunshine

It's amazing what a little sun will do. This was a wonderful week. Nothing in particular per se - just glorious sun, and lots of it...

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon after a long morning of cafe lattes (switching from cappuccinos because figure I'd give the French a fighting chance in the coffee department) & grammar study.  Nothing thrilling, but stepping away from the cafe, hefty dictionary & cumbersome notebook in hand (there's definitely an import/export possibility in school supplies en France if anyone's interested), I had one of those. ahhh, I live here moments.

Even through the challenges of French grammar (& about a gazillion different ways to express "return" or "meet"...mama mia), the daily cultural faux pas (don't even think of putting salad AND a main dish on the same plate at a buffet dinner...lived that shame & won't be going back), and having to kiss somewhat strangers about 20 times a day, it's all worth it to be living in the South of France.

Now if only the dreaded Mistral would stay away & I could eat blocks & blocks of Comte cheese without gaining a kilo...then we'd really be talking *happiness*.

Bon weekend a tous! Hope your days are filled with lots of inner & outer sunshine, xx

ps. Notice the spry fellow at the end of the "dock" - about 30 seconds away from an artful dive into the Med. Crazy, healthy, or just plain....crazy??...jury's out on this one, but I have my suspicions.


  1. Wow! That is one brave, crazy fellow. :-)

    I'm SO glad you had this scrumptious sort of day to cheer your heart. :-) My brain hurts just thinking of all the work you're doing to learn French. You amaze me!!! :-)

    It's been a very painful week for me, but my "inner sunshine" as you so beautifully put it, is shining again. It's going to be a good weekend. :-)

  2. Ah yes, we were just dealing with partir, quitter, sortir in my French class too...! Of course, when I leave the class I go back to good 'ole English everywhere....

  3. Feeling you on the sun (am solar-powered myself) - and the grammar - and the Comte. Love it ALL - including this post. P.S. L'homme? Il est fou! I guess whatever stirs your soup, huh? (some lessons I never forget). :)

  4. Look at sunshine! It was shining in my eyes as your blog photo was loading (smile). Very nice. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Learning French grammar, eating Comte cheese and drinking French coffee- sounds fabulous to me! Well, maybe, not the grammar.


  5. beautiful shot tuula. it is so nice here most of the year. that promenade looks like the perfect place to jog away the cheese.
    a x

  6. I am so jealous! I miss the sea! Glad we both got some sunshine - it's good for the soul (and of course French people LOVE talking about the weather! hehe) Have a great weekend Tuula! oh and I love your new blog format!

  7. Beautiful. We are having a nice sunny weekend here in SW Germany too. It is so nice to see the sun, and the tons of people in the outdoor cafes bundled in coats and still soaking up the sun.

  8. What a gorgeous day! I loved your description of your day. Bon weekend Tuula! Enjoy the weather.

  9. Thanks for all of the lovely comments! It's another beautiful day today..& the best part? No grammar study in sight :) Just heading out for a quick coffee & then strolling the market... bon dimanche everyone! (happy Sunday :)

  10. Yeah, living in heaven is definitely worth any price . . . even the shame of the faux pas and the feeling of, at times, being a fish out of water. Being able to pinch one's self at any moment of the day and go, "I live here!" is an incredible feeling.

  11. This photos screams of the Mediterranean in winter - I love the sparkles on the water. Happy memories :)