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Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Time for...Endives

Greetings from a very chilly South of France! I was out & about this morning and indeed bundled up to my eyeballs.  Still trying to get this French-layering thingy down, but was just happy to have an extra-fluffy scarf and time for a cappuccino break before dashing to the market.

And this week, more specifically, last night, I decided to take the plunge into the world of the illustrious Endive. Having read, re-read, and then watched the DVDs, of one very special lady named Julia Child around this time last year, I had every intention of tackling this mysterious, some might say beautiful (they do look quite elegant all-wrapped up in their soft leaves, neh?), veggie and finding out what all the French were raving about.

I finally worked up the courage this season, and let's just say, this ain't your mother's endive dish.  We went full-throttle for our first attempt: Endive Gratin with Ham & Gruyere Cheese.

Did I mention there was ham...& the ooey-gooey cheese they use for making raclette? Ok, glad we're all clear. Throw your diet out the window if you're thinking of making this hearty, winter treat.

And make sure you pick up a bottle of Apremont from Savoie - typically used to accompany raclette & a perfect match for this dish. 

Somehow there seem to be a few glasses missing out of this bottle, but between boiling those lovely endives, sauteing the ham, and layering the cheese slices, that gratin sure took a long time.

I used a French recipe, but you can find just about the same recipe (with ingredients easily found in the US) from this Endive Gratin recipe via the Food Network.  Or, of course, give any endive recipe from Julia Child a whirl - queen of the world...and of all things sublime & tasty.

Bon weekend a tous! xx


  1. Looks fabulous! Love braised endive but have never put endive into a gratin before.
    How could I not love it with all that cheese? :)

  2. Mmm-mmm-mmmmm! I love, love, love les endives. I've never cooked w/ them though; I must give that a whirl. I usually make a quick and easy salad with slices of the endive, cubes of Comte, and crushed walnuts. Toss w/ vinaigrette and oh la! Some bread, some wine...

  3. Like Tanya, I love endive and use them in salads at home and on the menu at Bistro Des Copains. However, I have never cooked, braised or gratineed endives before. But your dish looks so tasty with the cheese and ham...yum! I will definitely try it out.

  4. Delicious Tuula! My husband LOVES endive so I'll be checking out this recipe x

  5. Glad everyone loves endives :) Have been a bit afraid of their bitter taste when cooked, but came out pretty good in the end - I would try to steam them next time, there's a lot of water in these puppies... For this week: endives with Comte & crushed walnuts, thanks Tanya :)

  6. In a gratin, I'd probably eat it. Not too keen on the bitterness otherwise but I must say these look tempting!