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Monday, January 31, 2011

Going the French Cheese Shop

It was an early Sunday afternoon (well, it was just yesterday...), we were cruising the local market when we rounded the corner en route to our favorite local cafe (ok, well, it's more like a bar...but one Pastis before lunch never hurt least no one was falling off their wicker chairs that I noticed) when we decided, against all better judgement, to pop into the again *local* cheese shop.

And maybe you can see from my (somewhat) discrete iPhone photos, that this is shall we say, a simple purveyor of fine cheeses - really, they've got it all. Including, if you were as quick to spot it as we were... pesto Gouda! Be still my racing heart.

The shop owner noticed our enthusiasm (make that purring ohhs & ahhhs) and kindly offered to give us a few samples.  Well, take me back on the next boat to Liguria, because, despite the highly electric green color, this cheese was like digging into your favorite pasta dish. Pesto-explosion people....ex-plo-sion.

We snapped up a blocked and added some Pecorino & Tome de Macaye for a very (ver-ryy) agreeable Sunday-afternoon apero.

And I need all the cheese-fueled motivation I can muster this week - new French classes with a heavy emphasis on the dreaded G word - (it's a family blog folks) - Grammar!

All I have to say is, Who ever uses the subjunctive tense anyway??

Cheese Shop:
Jean Paul Grosso
9, Rue Lamalgue
Toulon 83000


  1. (This is me taking a break from work...your post couldn't come soon enough!)
    You'd be surprised where the subjunctive pops up! It's (sometimes) the bane of my existence! :-)

    I have to say that I did notice the pesto Gouda. Oh, I love Gouda (not as much as Comte though)!

  2. Is that the tense only Francois Mitterrand used? ;)

  3. That cheese sounds fantastic, Tuula!!! :-) I'd love to graze my way through that shop for sure. :-)

    I'm so proud of you for studying French. It makes my head hurt to think of it. :-)

  4. I once had a convo with French people over dinner, and they tried to convince me that subjunctive isn't used too much in spoken French. I spent the next hour interjecting every time someone used it - which was all the time! It's so tricky!!

  5. For some reason that pesto cheese makes me thing of Dr. Seuss (I don't know why since it's an egg :-)....Oh the dreaded subjunctive....but there's always cheese and wine to sooth any trying evenings in class.

  6. Ha ha, these comments are great! Thanks for the subjunctive encouragement - I more than need it! And yes Brenna, it does seem that the French actually do use the subjunctive tense quite often -ugh!
    Very funny Kathy, I totally get the "Dr. Seuss" feeling...all seems a bit surreal with green cheese, but thanfully the taste is truly great :)

  7. Grammer Smammer!
    That cheese looks mighty deliciously interesting! I need to head Toulon way x

  8. Grammar or a fantastic cheese shop..let me think! No question, I would put off Grammar for sure. But the real question for you Tuula is the pesto gouda cheese really good? I am a very open minded eater but it looks scary green.

  9. Yum! I can just SMELL that stinky, delicious French cheese all the way from France ;) I've never seen green cheese before...

  10. Not fair! Teasing with this cheese and we can't even try it :) Not sure I'd enjoy it with an apero...

    J'aime bien le subjonctif - some of the conjugations sound hilarious!

  11. Lol, I know the cheese does look a bit "electric", but I swear it's really good - I'm sure that's why they offered us a few samples beforehand. And she made a point of saying that the production was "artisanal" - think a few folks believe it's fake food-coloring...but the pesto was fresh-tasting as could be :)

  12. Dammit, Europe. I had that Pesto Gouda - and another one made with Cumin seeds from a Dutch vendor (verified authentic by my Dutch neighbor/cheese lover) in Italy last year. I'll admit it, I am intrigued by the subjunctive tense in both Italian and French. I know, more issues than time magazine...

  13. What a cool post about cheese. I didn't realize that you could get pesto into a cheese, but it sounds wonderful. The german cheese here are mostly "pure", and all taste similar to me. I like stuff in my cheese, peppers or walnuts or now pesto.

    The subjunctive sucks. In German the same verb creates a lot of the subjunctive as well as means "become" and the future tense. I get confused even after many years of speaking and professed fluency. Good luck in French. I've been learning Italian and thinking just present and simple past is enough for me there. :)