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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tiramisù Dreams at Pompi in Rome

Well, there's certainly lots to chat about this week lovely readers. We survived another 2 day storm - subsisting on tapas & margaritas from La Bocca del Lupo (an incredible tapas place that just opened down the street) & watching Il Postino.  All & all, it wasn't half bad.  Now my thoughts turn to my two current dilemmas - how to fit at least 3 heart-stoppingly fabulous Italian outfits in my tiny carry-on and how to erase 3 months of French-food indulging in order to have room to sink into a big plate of spaghetti carbonara. Somehow I swear the two are linked.

Besides our first night's meal planned for La Nuova Capaninna (which Super Jenny declares actually does make the best carbonara in town), we've got a Thanksgiving dinner on tap for Saturday night, and hopefully a chance to squeeze in a trip to Pompi, the self-proclaimed King of Tiramisù.

This is by far the best tiramisu I, (or anyone I know) have ever had, and the lines stretching out of the cafè on Sunday afternoons can attest to it. I'm not sure what Mr. Pompi is putting in this chocolate & espresso wonder, but he's got a good thing going as it seems everyone in Rome knows this place. Also, luckily for us, Pompi has other desserts like Nutella Mousse (need I say more) & a wickedly decadent chocolate cake. 

Pompi remains the only café I ever found in Rome designed for long afternoons of knocking back cappuccinos, gossiping with 7 or 8 of your closest friends (Roman standards here), and enjoying Italian-dessert heaven.  They have a proper salon where you can sit for hours and not feel the press to down an espresso in 3 swigs while delicately balancing a cornetto in your other hand.  But the star remains the tiramisù. Even if you arrive late & have to freeze your takeaway tin for an additional 2 hours (they're as fresh as fresh can be) before serving, it's well-worth the trek. Take Metro A to Re di Roma and enjoy!

Via Cassia 8b/8c (Metro: Re di Roma)
Rome, Italy
PH: 06/ 33 33 488


  1. I just had a tartine with's the only thing I have in the kitchen that comes close to what you've just posted.

    That tiramisu looks absolutely divine! You have me aching to be in Rome!

  2. I'm in love with my Silver Spoon cookbook so the thought of Rome's best Spaghetti Carbonara has me drooling! And that tiramasu! My oh my! xo

  3. Just when I thought I made the best Tiramisu - I must go seek Mr. Pompi out this spring when I'm back in Italy (sniff)...this as I shove another chocolate croissant down my neck. Love that you're enjoying time with friends and wicked plates of goodness!

  4. Thanks for the great comments gals! How wonderful is tiramisù - the best part of this place is that you can take a whole tin home with you. When it's just a little frozen, it's truly heavenly!

    Tanya, Nutella's not far behind on my list of dessert loveliness..

    Enjoy the Silver Spoon cookbook Sara, have to check this one out when I'm back in the States!

    Valerie, so happy you've come over to the dark side of French pastries, lol :)

  5. So can someone tiramisu and plop me back down in front of that Tiramisu at Pompi! As if I wasn't missing Rome enough will all your posts! I've never been to Pompi, but it will have to go on the list for my next trip to Rome! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving in Rome.

  6. This tiramisu is torturing me! I need to bookmark this post for when I return to Rome. Take away tiramisu? Grazie!

  7. Just LOVE that picture of you and your friends! You look so happy and I can just imagine all the good talks that were had over those scrumptious desserts. :-) Hope you're having a wonderful day, my friend. :-)

  8. I love Spaghetti Carbonara so hope you will post about your meal. I have had so much bad tiramisu in USA that I feel almost compelled to get on an airplane for Rome to try the tiramisu at Pompi.

  9. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! We're having a great time in Rome & eating way too much (but loving every minute of it :)

    I'll be sure to post about our meals out (spaghetti carbonara included) and only wish I had more time in bella Roma!

  10. Holy cow! I think I died and gone to heaven. There is only one way to discover too eat through it. I am so envious. Awesome.

  11. Yum! I really enjoyed reading this post ( as always ;) )