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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paris Christmas Windows & Lunch at Café de la Paix

Greetings from a temperamental & stormy South of France - we've got rays of sun in the morning, gray skies by the early afternoon, and then sudden bursts of rain (and the odd clap of thunder just to keep us on our toes).  But let me tell you friends, neighbors, and anyone pray-tell who is keeping up with the blog, it's like Palm Springs here compared to the four days we spent in the Lorraine - not even wrapping ourselves in layers of homecooking could save us from the icy winds. Chills-ville dear readers.

And while I do think I ate my weight in apple tart, clearly the highlight of our trip was the four hours we spent in Paris.  Now if we didn't already sing it high & low through the hills of Provence last week, fours hour is just not enough time in the City of Lights (I've got the blurry photos to prove it). But, of course, Paris is always somehow magical, and our Sunday stopover gave us just enough time to peek at the whimiscal Christmas windows at Printemps & Galeries Lafayette and enjoy lunch at Café de la Paix near the Paris Opéra.  

If you haven't seen the Christmas windows at Printemps, as I hadn't, it's quite a sight; or more like a show.  The windows are either elaborately costumed, or animated, or both -as in the Mister et Miss Lanvin window above. All I know is I'll have whatever they're drinking; that's one swinging party. 

Our table at Café de la Paix had a sliver of a view of the Opéra and was crowded with chatty tourists & many grumpy-looking I was quite convinced we had made the right lunch choice.  It wasn't cheap in the slightest, mind you, and if we'd had more time to spare, we would have surely hit the Marais or one of the restaurants extolled by Paris bloggers & admirers-at-large

But we did have a good, solid lunch of heaping salads and rolled-beef canapés, and, truth-be-told, Café de la Paix is one of those swanky-joints which just makes you feel, well, Parisian...chic, old-world, and yes, a tad grumpy.  And oui, those are french fries in the background; Paris french fries.


  1. oh what fun! I'm so glad you scrapped all of our ideas and took advantage of the Christmas air in Paris! Nothing beats the window displays and I believe they only just released them! I'm hoping they'll still have them up right after Christmas when I get to Paris for the New Year.

    Did you warm up to any roasted chestnuts? And when will the rain stop in Provence? Our market was rained out :(

  2. Stephanie, been spying chestnuts everywhere on the streets it seems!
    The Paris windows were really fun, could have used more time of course, but think you will really enjoy them for New Year's :)
    I know, really ready for the rain to stop (but a great excuse to stay in & eat chocolate, lol)

  3. Those window displays couldn't be anymore fantabulous! Happy to hear you had a wonderful time, but I knew you would xo

  4. How jolly! :-) I adore looking at Christmas displays and those are fabulous. :-) Heh, heh, I'm chuckling that you started feeling grumpy in that restaurant. :-) What a hoot! The food looks delicious and now I'm absolutely CRAVING French Fries. :-)

  5. I love the window displays of Galeries Lafayette! Last year we spent time taking photos and videos of the various vitrines at night. So pretty and imaginative!

    Wow.. You went inside Cafe de la Paix? We only ever sat on the trottoir for a quick drink. But it was fabulous nonetheless! :)

  6. Four hours is definitely not enough time for Paris! How on earth did you settle on what things to do?! The pictures are delightful, and the food looks scrumptious. I am counting down the days until I can go back....