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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Morning on the Square & Fall Trend-Spotting

Burrrr. We've taken a temperature nose-dive today and I found myself hastily running back from my early-morning lessons (English teaching y'all) due to the appearance of an unexpected, and quite unwelcome, newcomer:  rain.  I guess I just thought we'd sail through this fall, well....dry. Although our days have certainly been crisp, we've enjoyed weeks of what makes this region so glorious: le beau soleil.

So after getting more than a few surprise raindrops on my H&M trench, I've had to turn to a few of my seasonal favorites to give me a bit of extra-cozy comfort; namely: espresso, chocolate, & shopping.  

And thankfully, after another famously slow start yesterday, we managed to secure a superb spot on our local square for a little bit of coffee-sipping & trend-watching.  Strikes or no strikes, you can certainly find a lot of things to criticize the French about, but I'm willing to overlook quite a lot for some prize café time on a Sunday morning. Superb.

While I'll surely never be French, I do love keeping an eye on what the les madames & mademoiselles are wearing each season.  Although there don't seem to be major changes in the fall wardrobe - lots of black, trench coats, and boots with three-inch heels (I'm teetering just thinking about it) - there do seem to be a few trends on the move.

Here are some trends spotted around town:
1. White everything
 Scarves, sweaters, home deco - if it somehow sparkles, all the better.
2.  Lace-up heels
Again, think I'd be teetering like that Eiffel Tower if I attempted those, but seen lots of ladies making it work...and then some.
3.  Cropped boots 
Must be big in the States as well; this one I can do minus any cobble-stones.
4. The étole 
And then man created.....the French scarf.  A perennial favorite but I'm really enjoying the étole version, which literally translates to "stole", but simply a cottony wonder that's a lot easier to make fashionable than it's woolen cousins.

Are these the same fall trends as in the States? Seen them elsewhere? Any fall favorites you can't live without?  I've got my favorite comfy hat (below) and about three coats I live in when the frost comes out -  that, and the three bags of chocolate-toffee almonds I stashed from the Belgentier chocolate festival, make fall all the more enjoyable.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog through Twitter. I'm adding you to my blog roll (on both my travel sites)! I am soooo envying your life right now! Just how do you move to a foreign country? Do you have to have family or business there? Of course, I'm just dreaming for now (I have a young family), but would love to keep the info in my back pocket. You know, just in case...LOL!

  2. humm... as you can imagine, my wheels are turning right now. How do you say "moda spia" en francais? Love this post... one of my favorite things to do is sit in town squares and people watch. And so glad you are feeling a bit better! :)

  3. Thanks Jen, very happy to be added to your blog roll! Well, I'm here for that timeless reason... love, lol. I think it's a lot of work to move to another country but also really fun as well - love to chat more with you about it :)
    I'm with you Margo, love people-watching myself & lots of inspiration to get from these oh-so-fashionable gals over there!

  4. So happy I have my laced up heels and cropped booties from pre-France life! (not that I get to wear my heels in Le Petit Village!).

    I love that photo of you, your hat is darling!

  5. I've got a pair of cropped booties myself, perfect for nights on the town...not so hot trekking around town, I agree Sara :)
    Glad you like the hat, an oldie but a goodie...

  6. People watching is one of my favourite pastimes, and not just while I'm travelling :) We're heading into summer so we might even pick up on the latest fashion trends in 6 months time. I can't do high heels either but I love the elegance of the French scarf and the way women wear it all year round!

  7. Well, I've never heard of l'etole... so this is cotton, lighter weight than the light wool pashmina/scarves? I just may have bought one, unknowingly, at H& M the end of the summer, and it is surely my very favorite accessory now!

  8. Oh, that's right Corinne, forgot you had summer just around the corner. Agree though, with the lightness of the French scarf, it's something you can wear year-round!
    Libby, I hadn't heard of the etole either until I saw the scarves marked as such...yep, it's probably just like the one you picked up in H&M - guess the French make the distinction between the light & heavy variety.

  9. Oh, how lovely this all is! I ADORE sitting in cafes on Fall days and watching the world go by. :-) I cannot live without my boots, flat or heeled, I just love them. :-) And my scarves. And my favorite wool hats. :-) I don't think I will be able to make it your way this trip, but if I can, I will let you know post haste!! I'd love to see you. :-)