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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Breezes, Blue Waves & French Chatter

Well, we didn't make it as planned to Aix this weekend - got sidelined by a Saturday-morning sleep-in and opted for a shorter drive to Sanary-sur-Mer. Guess I had Sanary on the brain from Friday's post & really couldn't wait to return. It was actually our first Saturday visit, and I was very happy to find a bustling market with all my usual Wednesday morning favorites.  A bit reduced in size, but lively nonetheless.  Not to mention we topped off the morning with a stop to our favorite bakery where I bought a huge chocolate ganache.  I've come to realize that I have no more excuses for my pastry-eating; just can't help myself when passing those lovely display cases.

We also picked up some flowers and I guess I forgot to mention the pit-stop for a cheese-plate and a few glasses of Pinot Blanc.  All & all, these impromptu weekends aren't half-bad.

Sunday found us enjoying bright sunshine with a touch of the wind that makes us all shudder a bit, the Mistral. Thankfully nothing strong, our old friend only seems to be dipping his toes in the water to see if it's okay to come out and play. And what a beautiful water it was this weekend.

Nicolas has a childhood friend visiting (from grade school) which I found quite special as they both come from a very small town in the north of France, Bar-le-Duc, and besides the beautiful views & fresh fish we enjoyed for lunch, maybe the best thing of the afternoon was being able to French.

I don't know exactly when it happened, but being able to chat in a natural way and maybe show a bit of humor is a major milestone for me.  It feels like the point when people really get to know you, your character & personality, and you move from a somewhat timid observer to a full-fledged participant.  Plus, it just a petite Française for a day.

Happy Monday & cheers from a now-chilly South, xx


  1. I have moments like that too where I've cracked a joke in French or something. Other times, I'm totally out of it.

    Lovely photos by the way. The palms in Toulon on the beach...ah, that's life!

  2. You've given me a good dose of southern France nostalgia. Even with the mistral! :)

  3. The day was really nice...and thankfully we have the sunshine back this morning! I agree Tanya, really can't go wrong anywhere along the sea in Toulon- just as long as the Mistral behaves!

  4. What stunning photos, Tuula! :-) The color of the water is just marvelous. I'm SO glad you were able to have a good chat with your man and friend. :-) I know what a treasure those moments are living overseas. May you have many, many more. :-)

  5. How fun, and the pictures are beautiful. I want to jump in that water (yes, I saw that you said there was a bit of the mistral -- but I can't feel it from here.) How long did it take you to be able to joke in French? My wit, sarcastic, doesn't seem to come across well in Italian...or maybe I'm just not there yet.

  6. That plate of seafood looks amazing!

    And cheers to you for stepping from timid observer to participant! We'll get there :-)

  7. Merci bien for all the fabulous comments!
    Krista, I really still am head-over-heals for the color of the sea here (it's that's possible :) It's an amazing color of blue & very clear.
    Kathy, thankfully the Mistral is staying at bay this week, very happy - not a huge fan of that wind! ..& I've been studying French for close to a year now. First on my own, then lessons. I think the difference this time around (compared to when I was in Italy) is that I am almost always with French speakers whereas I hung-out with mainly expats in Rome. Talk about "full-immersion" :)
    Sara, I know, feels like forever before I'll finally be in the "in" crowd - but surprised how accommodating all the French have been so far, big kudos go to the South I think! xx