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Friday, October 8, 2010

Postcards from Italy: The Streets of Rome

Italy stays near & dear to my heart even though I'm quite enchanted with our darling Provence.  So when the opportunity came to visit my friend Jennifer over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I jumped at the chance.  And well, the offer was made all the sweeter now that Ryan Air has recently added more flights to their Marseille-Rome route, so I happily got the tickets for next to nothing.

Now they sure won't be celebrating Thanksgiving in Rome, but since Jennifer is also American, we're planning to make our own festivities (there's been some talk of a Pumpkin-spice latte recipe she's got kicking around...but one can only dream *sigh*).

This will be a solo trip for me, a nice chance to get in some "girl time", and also revisit some old haunts. I'm most looking forward to wandering the streets and getting lost for a few hours down any of the little corners that make the city so incredibly beautiful.

This picture is from a street in the Monti neighborhood, and I came upon the falling ivy walking back from work one day.  It's a magical area of the city - working class roots but also full of chic boutiques & wine bars...and fond memories.

Bon weekend a tous, xx


  1. Oh how fun!!! Have an absolutely fantastic time and happiest of Thanksgivings to you!! :-)

  2. Jealous! Your weekend will be so much fun and make sure to share that pumpkin spice latte recipe x

  3. Thanks Krista & Sara! I really can't wait to go...Rome is such a special place, dreaming of my first cappuccino already :)