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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Colorful Fall in Provence

Just when things were starting to get downright gloomy around here, the sun made a surprise appearance this morning and put everything right again - well, almost everything, considering there is a national strike today (grève) to protest an increase in the retirement age.  No buses, trains, or public transport - nada. And coincidentally, I had an individual lesson with a train conductor from SNCF (English lesson that is) which of course was cancelled. If I can get him to kick-in a TGV ticket, we'll call it even...

So with a free morning, I hit the road early to take a look around and do one of the things I like to do best - check out what's happening around town. I've found I simply can't get enough of the vivid colors of the markets, cafès, and even the bright tones of many houses in Provence.

And when I take some time to think about what makes living abroad so special for me, I always return to the "vibrancy" of Europe.  You might find some of these scenes in other countries, and for sure I have come across one or two pink Vespas in Italy...but when I stumble-upon these kind of "colorful", unexpected surprises, I can't help but smile.

So I continued past the markets, cafés, and the lady offering the first of the season's cade, a oven-fired Provençal savory cake made from chickpeas, and I headed back home.  Of course there were a few pit-stops to be made along the way - I mean how can you not stop when face-to-face with a green & purple door? Or sprigs of purple & orange flowers climbing over a it.

Strike or no strike, I was very happy to find there's a lot more color to enjoy during a Provençal fall then the changing of the leaves. That, and the fact I snagged a few good-looking croissants for the trip home..long walk & all...


  1. Mmm, yes the sun made an appearance today and has put a smile on my face.

    I just happened by and saw a new post...didn't wait for the email notification.

    Yeah, D was supposed to go to Paris today. He cancelled his meeting because it would have been murder for him.

    Mmm, croissants...

  2. There's so much color and vibrancy in Paris as well and it's often when I'm having the worst of days that I appreciate its beauty the most !

  3. Thanks for the great comments ladies, I really did have a *wonderful* morning wandering about..
    Tanya, glad you got a bit of sunshine too, makes a world of difference. Agree, sure Paris would have been crazy for D!
    Lindsey, I imagine that you get struck be the beauty of Paris everyday, lucky girl :)
    Shauna, thanks for stopping by & for the sweet comment! xx

  4. Lovely photos! I can see you on the pink Vespa, scarf flying in the breeze :)

  5. I want to have a drink at Le Cosmopolitan! As long as they had parking for my pink vespa of course! x
    (I think I'm putting pink vespa on my Xmas list)

  6. lol, Think I'll add it to my list as a matching pink scarf of course, trés French!

  7. Love this blog almost as much as I love France. I live in Quercy Blanc in a little place called Montcuq.

    Are you on Survive France ? If you are not I really think that you should be.

    Gina Hams

  8. Ohhh, I love this! What a delightful way to spend an unexpectedly free day. :-) That pink vespa is fabulous and I simply adore European doors. :-)

  9. Thanks, Gina, that's a really great compliment...considering I probably love France as much as you do, I'm quite excited you like the blog so much :) I'll for sure look into Survive France - sounds like just the kind of thing I'd be into, merci!
    Glad you liked the post Krista, I know you've traveled all over Europe, so you can really appreciate the beauty of the colors as well, thanks for the comment :)

  10. Tuula, Thank you for sending me some beautiful colors from France on this very gloomy overcast day here in California.

    I really needed something to brighten my day!


  11. Bit late to the party here- but scrolling through your blog I was delighted to find these shots.

    The colours are incredible! Good find!