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Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Blues & Fall Festivals in Provence

It's officially September...sigh.  The summer trips are over, the tourists have caravaned quietly back to their northern corners, and just as I was beginning to search my closet for my favorite fall jacket (an H&M trench, circa 2008), I happily realized that fall in Provence looks a lot more like a big 'ole continuation of summer (sans road trips to Italy) than I was expecting.  In hopes of combating the end-of-summer blues, I decided to take some shots around the neighborhood this morning to celebrate the real "blues" of Provence.

And just to reassure everyone that the South keeps rockin' into the fall months (won't you come down and see us sometime?), I'm also including info on where to find upcoming festivals (spoiler: there's an iPhone app involved) in the Var - that's the "department" where we live folks...let's hear it for good old #83 (of 100 in the French administrative system), allez

Some September "blues" from this morning:

[Good-looking blue door across the street]

[Make mine Med; A bit of Cote d'Azur in the morning]

[Street-sign bearing the infamous Mistral]

[Our local Brasserie; specializing in mussels & attitude]

[Light-blue flowers covering our neighbor's home]

Besides all this blue love, what else has got me excited about fall? Well, sliding open my iPhone last week to re-discover an application that I had downloaded last Spring: Var en Fete.  This app contains high-quality listings of festivals in the Var- by month, day, or simply by category.  Wine festival in Bandol? Provençal market at Le Lavandou? Fete of the Figs in Toulon? Done, done...and yum!

Although it took me a while to get used to living in "the Var" (not the sexiest name, eh?), the department does include Hyères, St. Tropez, and a sprinkling of gorgeous seaside towns in between.  Not to mention the huge expanse of countryside known as Provence Verte, where a certain Mr. & Mrs. Pitt purchased a very fine châteaux back in 2008. Well, I think Provence Verte is just a nice place to go canoeing, but if I got an invite to Chez Pitt, guess I wouldn't say no...American hospitality and all.

No iPhone? No problem. Check out the Var's official site which provides profiles of the upcoming events and tourist information for the area:

[Making merry in Pignans, Provence]

Resources mentioned in this post:

Additional info for Provence Festivals:


  1. If that's what the "blues" look like in Department #83, well, I want to have them too... I'm phoning up Ella Fitzgerald and putting in a request. I love the door across the street, and the street sign with the Mistral wind. Beautiful pics as always, and my favorite color to boot. Thanks for a lovely post, as always, Tuula!

  2. Such an enchanting part of France. I'd make mine Med too if I could :) My part of the Pacific ocean doesn't compare!

  3. Love the photos! I'm suffering from some end of summer blues myself, really not sure where it disappeared too!
    But when fall does come, I too will bust out my H&M trench circa 2008!

    And thanks for the app info, I'm definitely going to use it :-)

  4. Always such nice comments, merci merci! Thankfully we're still holding onto the sun this weekend in the "83" so keeping the Sept. blues at bay for the moment :) Have a great weekend ladies!