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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 Somewhat Stylish Facts...& a Cool Award

Things have a taken a chilly nose-dive here in the Provence, but thankfully the sun is shining today (even though we're at about 40° F, burrrhh) and my week certainly got a little brighter when I received a Stylish Blog Award from Sara in Le Petit Village.

Now this gal is quite chic herself and I love following her adventures every week; not to mention her terrific writing and witty commentary on life in Provence. Plus, I think her dog just might have more personality than some of our neighbors- he's a cutie!

Now this is the first blogger award-thingy I've received and I'm trés excited. I have to share 5 things about myself / this blog & pass the award along to other bloggers.

Here are my fab five:

1. My name is Finnish and means "goes with the wind". My father is from Finland and named me, while my mother is from Holland and named my brother: Ari. I knew a Finnish girl in LA who told me the name wasn't quite in fashion anymore - as in there are a lot of aunts & grandmothers named Tuula in Finland. Maybe not as "sexy" as I'd hoped for, but I surely never got confused with anyone else at grade school...or high school...or really with anyone else...ever!

2.  I don't really like running but wish I did.  I think it would be really cool to be a part of a running group...meeting every morning, struggling up & down those hills, and it just seems like a great way to stay in shape (believe me, it's running-central around here). And then there's all those fabulous jogging outfits...

3. My plan B (if I didn't move to Europe) was to try a career in Public Policy / International Relations.  I got accepted to a program in Washington, DC and had to decide between starting that fall or moving to Rome. Well, we can all see how that turned out, and it certainly doesn't involve making any policies except which cheeses to serve after dinner.  But sometimes I still fantasize about riding on the DC Metro wearing a blue power-suit...and maybe a long string of pearls...and a big fat briefcase.  And then of course there'd be those pesky dinners at the White House.  Think I'm much better off in France after all...

4. I like to keep at least one frozen pizza on hand at all times in case of emergencies.  Not very gourmet I know, but we are talking about living in France & there's certainly no 7-11's around or any markets at all open after 2pm on Sundays for that matter (American = practical).

5. While I was at university, I worked as an airport security officer for one summer at the Santa Barbara airport.  My shift was from 5am until 12:30pm and I had to check bags and "wand" passengers that set off the metal detector.  We only saw about 300 or so commuter passengers each morning, but they used to send through bags with fake weapons to test us when things got slow.  That sure helped to keep me awake at 6am!

Passing along this lovely award to the following bloggers:

Jennifer (stylish in Italy): The Rome Less Traveled

Stephanie (stylish in France): La Belle in France

Tanya (stylish bride-to-be): Tanya in Transition

Thanks again Sara, this was fun!


  1. I'd never have guest that was your first time! Bravo!

    1. I adore your name

    2. I'm not a huge running fan either but have taken up jogging since moving here. I'm not close to a gym (or anything!) and hate them anyway, so jogging seemed like the best way to combat all that bread and cheese. Plus, it's a good way to tire out Fifty so he'll nap all day and leave me in peace.

    3.Love your plan B! My minor at Uni was PoliSci and I had grand delusions of being Secretary of State. We could have been dining at the White House together in our pearls :-)

    4. Sound sound advice. I've been caught out far too many times with nothing to eat and not a store open. It's very easy to OD on plain pasta.

    5. That's so cool!

    Merci for the lovely comments about my blog, you made my day :-)

  2. :) You made my day too! Thank you for passing along the Stylish Blog Award to me and I can't wait to share it with others.

    I hate running too, tho I wish I didn't and I'm not going to forget your frozen pizza advice! Especially for where I'm headed, no doubt it will come in handy.

  3. I love this, although I met a couple of Tuula's while in Finland, you are still UNIQUE; I'll keep you in mind every time I run, that way, you can feel part of that group. :) When plan A happens, we should celebrate! I wouldn't have known about the pizza. You talk so much about fresh produce, that's perfect though; From Airport Security Officer to Traveler Explorer Officer. couldn't be better! You deserve this award young lady :)

  4. I'm like you. I don't like running and wouldn't last 5 minutes if I tried!

    You have a lovely name! :)

  5. Thanks for the great comments! This was a fun post - even though I did feel a bit silly about the frozen pizza..but if you were here & saw how much my boyfriend can eat, it's best not to be caught unprepared :) (Kenya can testify to that, lol!).

    I'm trying to get more excited about running...maybe "jogging" would fit me better! Totally agree with Sara, gotta find something to balance the bread & cheese intake. Still trying to figure out the French "secret" to staying thin...

    Thanks also for the nice words about my name :) I met a Finnish girl name Tuija (pretty name) once so maybe a trip to Finland is in order to find a few Tuula's - as good an excuse as any to plan a trip! xx

    ps. I have the pearls in storage Sara, in case we ever need them :)

  6. Thanks Tuula for the award. I'll rustle up some answers and get back to you!

    I hate running (but D loves it). Thankfully, he doesn't make me run with him. Instead, we walk to the bakery, the market, the bank, the butcher... That's our exercise!

  7. Sounds good Tanya, and congrats again! Hope you'll be posting more photos soon...loved the dress, so beautiful! xx