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Friday, August 13, 2010

L'Atelier du Chocolate, Paris

As we're climbing to 32°C (close to 90°F) this morning, it's hard to imagine eating chocolate bars of anything in Provence during the month of August. If you've ever made the trek to points Southernly (it's only 3 hours by TGV from Paris folks...hint hint), you'll know that being in the South of France can feel like being in another country altogether. Hip hip hooray for the incredible diversity you'll find in the land of Alsatian beer, Dior handbags, and Nimes bullfighting, but I'd still like to dedicate a bit of blog space to what gets most of us dreaming of la vie française...Paris.  Well, in the end, I just really really love good chocolate.

So, thanks to reading one of David Lebovitz's notoriously thorough posts, I was able to enjoy a bit of choco-heaven during a morning spent on Rue Montorgueil. The chocolatiers behind L'Atelier du Chocolat hail from the Basque region and the shop offers regional specialties (like the Touron Basque Coffret), a large assortment of bonbons, and wonderfully wrapped "bouquets" of chunky chocolate. Um, yes, yes...and I'll take three please! Not only does the shop smell wonderful, but it's quite the visual feast for the eyes with a lot of attention paid to the presentation of each prized product.

I picked up two choco-treats for the train, Grains de Cafe Chocolat & one of the Basque specialties: Macaritchous Assortis (chocolate tartelettes topped with cherry, raspberry, or pistachio crème de macaron). Yeah, they're amazing...  Ok, so we ate both of them at the hotel that night, but luckily they have an online shop and it also gives me a trés good excuse to return to Paris this year. Think we'll make it a very dark Christmas, the 85% cacao kind.  

L'Atelier du Chocolate
45 Rue de Montorgueil
Paris, France
PH: 01 40 26 19 17
Metro: Les Halles or Etienne Marcel   

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