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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bastille Day in Bar-le-Duc

I'm blogging this week from Bar-le-Duc in the Lorraine (Northern France) where we are enjoying fine French home-cooking (I'm half of a team that ate a whole cherry tart yesterday) and sightseeing. Besides being a picture-postcard perfect French town, they also did a wonderful job of celebrating Bastille Day on Wednesday; complete with a parade, procession to the town hall (Hotel de Ville), and a speech by Madame la Mairesse (the major) followed by a champagne toast...for the whole town.  I had one of those pinch-me-is-this-real moments around the second glass of champagne as I wondered when the backdrop would collapse revealing we were actually on the set of a film (Scorsese & DiCaprio come to mind) at Universal Studios. Ok, so it was two glasses on an empty stomach, but the town is just that perfect.

I took a short video of the parade followed by more images of the day. 

Bastille Day, Bar-le-Duc from Tuula Mattson on Vimeo.

 The self-proclaimed Champs-Elysée of Bar-le-Duc.

A few local boys en route to town hall.

Last stop on the parade route: the Hotel de Ville: speeches & champagne. It's good to be the French.

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