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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saying Oui to Italian Products

I picked up a great magazine for beginning French cooks, like myself, called Vie Pratique Gourmand & hope to get to some of the recipes in April's issue - dreaming of making my first Tarte au Citron Meringuèe (not to mention that April just happens to be cupcake month).

For the moment, I haven't made it past the pretty food pictures, but the magazine also features upcoming food events, like the Fete de L'Asperge (asparagus) & the huge Foire de Paris. They also have a good feature on where to find specialty products online, which is where I found a site for getting Italian products in France: Produits-Italiens.Fr.  This site has been running since 2009, and features over 500 dishes & Italian wines- including olive oils, cheeses, & even limoncello. You can also find traditional recipes, ideas for throwing Italian-themed parties, & promotional offers (currently 20% off a tiramisu panettone).  Getting my wish-list together for all the things I miss from bella Italia, buon weekend!

 [photo: MS design gallery live]


  1. Oui Oui Oui...Si! Italian food is sooo good... I will try your tip on the "black rose cocktail" though.... and I am sure French food is delicious as well. I'd love to be on the Fete de L'Asperge. That sounds really good. You have to share how your "Tarte au Citron Meringuèe" taste when you do it... I promise to cook something good when you come and visit in Sweden :-) even if Swedish food is not so famous (and what is Swedish food?). We've got lots of international food here, but I guess that is good :-) Bacio.

  2. Yes, the "Black Rose Coctail" is on my list of things to do for the weekend! Gosh, the photos on here are just make me want to buy a ticket to the south of France!.....