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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bandol Wine-Tasting at La Fete du Vin

My three months of French podcasts, two and a half months of group lessons, and countless hours of solo-study finally paid of this past weekend when I had the pleasure of asking, "How much does this bottle cost?".  We visited four local wine producers during the Fete de la Vigne & du Vin on   Saturday and sampled white, red, & rosé varieties of Bandolone of Provence's most internationally-recognized wine regions

Here are some of the images of the day followed by addresses and links to the wine producers we visited.

Our first stop at Le Galantin with a tour of their cave followed by a short tasting. They are a small producer, but won several awards at this year's Concours des Grandes Vins de France and are quite well-known internationally.

Heading to the next domaine; we are quite near the pretty village of Le Castellet. 

Arriving at Domaines Bunan; a large & popular estate to visit. Stunning landscape and views of the region.

Touring the caves, a mix of modern & old technology. 

I struggled a bit with our tour (in French) but I did catch that there is a single man who produces these wine barrels for their caves at the cost of €11,000 each. 

Getting ready to be packed & shipped. Germany & Great Britain are some of their largest buyers (also from the tour).

Last producer of the day: Chateau Pradeaux. Beautiful estate under the control of the family Portalis since 1752 through the inheritance of Jean-Marie-Etienne Portalis, Minister for Napoleon (from the literature for the domaine).

Keeping track of the aging process.

Learn more about the Wines of Provence:

Domaines from the Fete du Vin Tastings:

690 Chemin Galantin
83330 Le Plan du Castellet
PH: 04 94 98 75 94
on the web

Pierre Bunan / Claire Bunan 
Chemin de Fontanieu
83740 La Cadière-d'Azur
PH: 04 94 98 58 98
on the web

Chemin Pradeaux
83270 Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer
PH: 04 94 32 10 21

Coopérative LA CADIERENNE 
Quartier Le Vallon BP N°41 
83740 La Cadierenne d'Azure  
PH: 04 94 90 11 06


  1. Love your blogs mujer! Love em!Im so with you in spirit in francia...can't wait to mk that trip out there..girl im gonna make it happen real soon :)

  2. Thanks Linda, France is waiting for you! I would love for you to visit..can be our next wine tasting adventure à la Provençale!