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Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Showers, French Flowers

We've been in the middle of "unseasonably" bad weather these last few weeks, which is one of the reasons I'm quite pleased to see the sun back this morning.  There's been more than a fair share of rain-grumbling going around, and everyone seems to feel somehow cheated; like we've endured this longer-than-average winter, been knocked about by the Mistral, & now we want our perfect blue-sky Provence back.  Well, I think they got what they were looking for, and maybe a bit more, as temperatures have climbed & looks like the Spring-into-Summer season is set to take off.

This rush of good weather has peaked at just the right time to help me with my latest obsession: flower buying.  I remember being excited about flowers in Rome; the open-markets, the bright displays, & the meticulous balconies, but my flower-love has certainly gained momentum in Provence.  Quite simply, it's beautiful here.  Walking around the city, you'll find flowers carefully arranged in pots, spilling over window-sills, or peeping over the neighbor's gate. Not to mention all the flora & fauna to admire on a drive out in the country. 

So far our (I've enlisted a French partner-in-crime) garden plans include: jasmine (jasmin d'ete), blue clemetis (clemetite), yellow laurel (laurier jaune), lavendar (lavande), dahlias (dahlia), marigolds (Œillet d'Inde), and one olive tree (olivier).

Today, I'll be on the hunt for more flowers as we hit the back-roads to visit some caves for La fete de la vigne et du vin (annual wine festival for all of the Var department & multiple regions throughout France). Hope to have some good (tasting) reports for next week. Bon weekend!

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  1. Oh! How I envy you right now. A francophile to the core, I am stuck in Texas and other travel obligations (Japan, for one); so, my hopes for returning to Provence in 2010 are slim. However, my husband and I plan to return in spring 2011 and rent a house for a few weeks. I'm excited to read your blog and get your tips on all things Provencal!

  2. Hi Patricia, I hope that 2010 flies by & that you are back in Provence very soon! It is really special here & it's all still quite new, so I've got lots to discover along the way. I'm glad you found the blog, hope to share some good info here & would love to hear more about your travel plans (Japan, wow!).