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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come if You Cannes

Although we are currently under about two feet of water in the South (with the terrible Mistral whipping about for added effect), anticipation is mounting for the start of the 63rd annual Cannes Film Festival, May 12-23rd.  My invitation has apparently been lost in the mail, but I couldn't help but get a little caught up in the excitement as the media frenzy gets into high gear.  National channels are running highlights from last year, revisits of fashion hits & misses, and speculations about the 2010 prospects.

For their part, France's TV Monde 5 has a good collection of clips from the 2009 festival & they can be expected to thoroughly cover this year's event as well (to receive coverage updates, go to the TV Monde 5 page on Facebook).

Admittedly, I was never well-versed on the festival, or Cannes for that matter, until it happened to be just a few train stops away, so for an overview of event particulars, visit the official Festival de Cannes site.  Likewise, there is a good write-up of this year's 16 film selections by the Los Angeles Times; 13 countries are represented with the only U.S. film in the main competition being the "political thriller" Fair Game (with Sean Penn & Naomi Watts).

Not planning to attend this year's festival?  There seem to be many of us who will be watching the event from the comfort of our living rooms. As for myself, I plan to be enjoying the all-star coverage accompanied
by my latest passion: roast chicken with rosemary potatoes (our local outdoor market does the whole bundle for €12) & a petit glass of rosé.  But if you fancy a little something more well, fancy, Grazia magazine has proposed some stellar trip alternatives including the opening of an ultra-hip beach club at Nice, Hi Beach, and a garden festival (Festival de Jardins) at Chaumont-sur-Loire that runs until October 17th.  For my contribution, I plan to bookmark the heck out of this year's fashion hits & misses; how else can I prepare for next year's gala?

[photo: MS design gallery live]

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  1. Did you take this picture? I love this blog. I am so glad to learn I'm not the only one with a lost ticket. Oh well, TV works its wonder. :)

  2. You are an incredible photographer. Your photos are very beautiful and professionally done. Is there anyway you can start posting your photos in full screen? Many blogs are doing this. Your photos are so lovely, I would love to see them much larger. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for your kind compliment! Unfortunately you caught me on one of my first posts where I forgot to give credit for the photo. This one is from MS design gallery live which offers free clips online! There's 3 more from the gallery on the blog but the rest are mine unless noted.
    I've increased the photo size on recent posts and I'll think about making them a bit does make for better viewing. Thanks for the nice comment!