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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brunch at Nice, Le Pain à Table

We made a quick run to Nice this morning to (very reluctantly) drop off our friends at the airport, & while I would love to dedicate a whole post alone to our people-watching expedition along the Promenade des Anglais (including a stationary bicycle-in-the-sea/aerobics class taking place on the beach), our most enjoyable moment of the morning came from a bit of noshing at Le Pain à Table; located just in front of the Flower Market on Cours Saleya.

Being a native Californian, anytime I see wood tables, heaping cappuccinos, & the word Brunch scribbled nearby, I immediately think of many pleasurable (if not slightly overpriced) mornings in the company of some fine strawberry pancakes & bacon.   

Having brunch in France seemed both exotic & delightfully homey at the same time, but as we had already consumed pain aux chocolates and (very overpriced) espressos at the airport, we went the cappuccino, warm bread, & marmalade route while I mentally bookmarked the strawberry pancakes for our next Nice outing.  The place was packed, and it looked as if several Niçoises have chosen Le Pain à Table as their ritual weekend spot.  As a local mime started getting his "white face" in order, and I overheard the cafe owner chatting casually with a few customers in Italian, I wondered if Le Pain might actually become one of my Sunday rituals one day.  Although I may opt to leave my mini-skirt & pink stilettos as home (yeah, we saw her this morning too) I realized trés eccentric Nice has really grown on me. 

Le Pain à Table
Brunch every Saturday & Sunday
Rue Saint Francois del Paule, 1 (Cours Saleya)
PH: +33

Via della Milizie, 13
PH: +39 06


  1. Excellent choice ! One of the best places for having brunch at Nice.
    Isn't it Cours Saleya instead of Saleye ?
    Enjoy Provence ;)

  2. Thanks Julien, I really love Nice! You're right, I fixed the Saleya, merci! Hope we get to see you soon, enjoy your day!