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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Market Day at Sanary Sur Mer

I was quite excited last Wednesday for my first trip to the market at Sanary Sur Mer. Call it the first real day of sunshine down South, a chance to ditch my French grammar exercises for the morning, or maybe it was simply what Cyndi Lauper told us all along, girls just wanna have fun (and spend lots of money on French goodies & maybe have a glass of wine after..). Well, all that anticipation could have stayed in the 80s with Ms. Lauper (and my bad perm for that matter) because as I pulled off the autoroute, it took nearly 45 minutes to arrive at the market as cars were backed up for miles on the only road into Sanary. All the guidebooks are right, if you want to visit a market in Provence, make sure you go early.

Nonetheless, this market is large & perfect for stocking up on a wealth of Provençal goods:  kitchen supplies, picnic fare, fresh pasta, & even some Bohemian-inspired t-shirts or dresses . I took loads of photos, splurged on some homemade ravioli from a father/son team who reassuringly spoke Italian, and then finally settled into my glass of Rosé.  The following are some of my favorite shots from the day.

(photo: local fisherman at his stand)

the catch du jour

lovely white asparagus

...or maybe you fancy violette; these French are so complicated

some mighty good-looking tomatos

more color at the clothing section

for the Provençal home

basketing in the sunshine

make mine escargot

the rewards of the day

The Market, Sanary Sur Mer
Wednesday morning:
Large open air market, food and textiles, the place of the Tower 
to the bottom of the aisles Etiennes Orves


  1. Those tomatoes are weird-looking

  2. I agree Kenya, they are a bit weird-looking. I haven't tried them I'll have to buy some to make sure they're not some French super-tomato!