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Monday, March 29, 2010

7 Hours in Saint Tropez

Famous for glitz, glamor, and disproportionately good-looking people, we found Saint Tropez pleasantly  accessible, and it's "if you've got it, flaunt it" reputation quite subdued outside the summertime swell of tourists & glitterati. Armed with my trusted Fodor's & enough picnic fare to feed a small army, we set out early Saturday morning for Pampelonne Beach; about a cool 15 minutes from St. Tropez proper and awash in trendy beachside cafes & clubs (Club 55 being the most notorious).

Aside from a few clipped notes of German & a sprinkling of American tourists, we were quite alone on the beach; affording ample time for a yes, this-is-the-azure-blue-Mediterranean-sea-we-all-dream-about moment. This beach deserves its 5-star reputation.
A short, vineyard-studded drive will take you to the heart of Saint Tropez and good base to begin your visit is the Place des Lices.  On this fine weekend we were treated to a local boules tournament which provided a fine introduction to this combination of leisure & sport; - in short, a perfect game to epitomize the attitude of the South.

From here, there's not much to fill your agenda except strolling, dipping in & out of chic boutiques, and sipping the afternoon away at port-side cafes. The Citadelle-Musee Naval also provides sweeping views of the old city (vielle ville), the port, & the town's most well-know landmark (apart from Ms. Bardot I imagine), the steeple of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption. It's well forth the climb and helped us to justify the remaining hours we spent marveling at the super-sized yachts & runaway-worthy sportswear from the safety of our perch at Sénéquier and the Cafe du Port .  Alas, maybe in the next life...

Tourist Information Office
Quai Jean-Jaurès
04 94 97 45 21

Citadelle-Musée Naval
Montée de la Citadelle 
adult & children
(over 8 years) €5.50,
under 8 free
04 94 97 06 53

Quai Jean-Jaurès
    Summer daily 8-8, winter daily 8-7
04 94 97 00 90

Chez Fuchs
7 rue des Commerçants
Summer daily 7am-midnight,
various hours in winter
04 94 97 01 25

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  1. This place looks lovely! I love the transparent mediterranean water. Once you get used to it, it is hard without it :-)